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Back to the Beginning (A Brief 7,000 Year History)
An overview of seventy centuries of winemaking, all on one web page. Impressive! Also some great info on Michigan wine.

Varietals 101
Wine, in theory, could be made from just about anything that ferments. We're kind of partial to the kind made with grapes.

Regions 101
Have you ever been to the Cabernet region of France? Probably not. A quick overview of wine regions around the world, with maps.

Cheap Is Good
Good wines that cost less than twenty dollars? Surely you jest. Some market notes from immediately after September 11, 2001.

Southern Italians are HOT!
Giacomo Peroni gives your preconceived notions about Italian wine "the boot".

Play Dressup with Joey
Fun, but we're not sure how "informative". May not be safe for work, depending on where you work. Joey's wearing nothing but some Zinfandel before you dress him up. On the bright side you get a 10% discount for your time.

World Wine Map
A clickable map of wine around the world, with brief notes on wine from each area, and pretty little flags...(2001)

Men of Taste
Perhaps you think you have good taste. But do you have Supertaste? Some brief notes on tasting, and some brief tasting notes.

Tastings Photos:
The Main Wine Club did a series of tastings in 2000 and 2001, here are some pictures from a few of them...

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