Our Story

Wine in Ann Arbor Michigan

People Are People. And We Like People.

When you visit Main Party, you’re sure to see a real slice of life in Ann Arbor. Affluent townies, young hipsters, office workers, cops, eccentric “street people” and the financially disadvantaged are all likely to be queued up in the same line almost any time of day. And we like it that way.

Our Community Defines Us.

When we took over the “Main Ann Party Store” in 1989, most locals perceived the store as being a bit “shady”. It was on an isolated corner of downtown, and frequented by a lot of the less fortunate in Ann Arbor. We had an obvious interest in changing that perception, but we also have a profound commitment to community. So though we chose to “clean things up”, we didn’t judge people based on social standing, we took the time to find out what products and services the community needs, not simply the ones we want to offer them.

We Have Fun. We’re Friendly. With A Little Edge.

It was this consistent effort to embrace everyone in our community that has made us what we are today. Which means friendly, helpful, and maybe a little “different”. Although we have gone to great lengths to offer a massive selection of quality beer (over 1500, many from unique producers) and wine (over 2000, ask about the “Secret Cellar”), we also have an eclectic variety of patrons, and an equally eclectic staff. Stop in and see for yourself. We don’t chase you around the store offering samples, but we’re always here to help!