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Although many fear that the world will end this year in the Aporkalypse or Carmageddon, or that we’ll all be driving off a fiscal cliff, we’re pretty sure that all that will happen on December 21st is that the days will start getting longer like they do every year, and a few days later Christmas will be here once again. And a few days after that, those fussbudgets in Washington will work out a deal to keep the economy chugging along. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and selected some wine specials and Christmas beers to help you round out your holiday shopping without breaking the bank. This year’s Christmas beer selection has some of the same beers featured last year and the year before, a few of which are no longer in production. Like Mikkeller Santa’s Little Helper, Serafijn Christmas Angel, Ølfabrikken Winter Porter, Nøgne Ø Jolly Pumpkin Special Holiday Ale. Wow. That’s a lot of Ø’s. By the way, have you ever wondered what that “Ø” character is called? Believe it or not, it’s called an “Ø” .

If that someone special on your list is more partial to distilled spirits than beer or wine, and if money is no object, or if you want to drive off your OWN fiscal cliff, we’re here to help*. A couple of years ago, we pointed out that right above your head at Main Party is a treasure trove of exotic premium spirits, from the Dewar’s Signature Boxed set for a mere $241.53, to the Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac for just under two thousand. This year’s pricey collector’s items top out with the amazing Macallan Masters of Photography collector’s edition. The 30 Year Rankin Edition is priced at $2158.39. We also have the 20 Year Albert Watson Edition for $1215.24. But you don’t have to spend THAT much for a unique bottle of fine spirits; many of the hundreds of items on the shelves near the ceiling are less than fifty dollars, and make for a fine holiday gift. Holiday shopping got you down? Chin up, and you may find the perfect gift!

Cardenal Mendoza Brandy With Gift Decanter
Cardenal Mendoza Brandy
With Gift Decanter
Deep mahogany hue. Rich, sweet coffee, spice, and chocolate aromas leads to a oily, fruity sweet full-bodied palate with dried tropical fruits, mocha, roasted nuts, salt, and rancioed oloroso sherry notes. Finishes a lengthy, slightly tart, spicy, molasses and wood note fade. A complex and lavish Spanish brandy. $50.88
Herradura Seleccion Suprema
Herradura Seleccion Suprema
Tequila for the true connoisseur since 1995. Aging for four years gives this world-class tequila its amber color and spectacular flavor blend of rose petal, vanilla and citrus with an amazing aroma and sweet cocoa-like finish. Color: Very dark amber; Aroma: Delicate scent of agave, dry wood, vanilla, cinnamon and rose petal; Taste: Complex balance of cooked agave, rich vanilla, toasted oak and dried fruit; Finish: Creamy and soft with long aftertaste. Aged 49 months. $367.55
Balvenie Vintage Cask 1966
Balvenie Vintage Cask 1966
The bottle we have on hand is from cask 1899, bottled November 25, 1997. Tasting notes are hard to find; we haven’t tasted this, and they’re not on the Balvenie site. Here’s some of the more descriptive notes we were able to track down. $1549.00
The Macallan Masters of Photography - Rankin Edition

The Macallan Masters of Photography – Rankin Edition

Every presentation box in the collection contains an original Rankin Polaroid photograph. This is paired with a bottle of The Macallan Fine Oak 30 years old bearing a unique matching label, making each a truly individual work of art. The Macallan Fine Oak is triple cask matured in a unique, complex combination of exceptional oak casks. This triple cask combination produces an extraordinarily smooth, delicate yet complex single malt, after maturing at The Macallan distillery for a minimum of 30 years. $2158.39
The Macallan Masters of Photography - Albert Watson Edition

The Macallan Masters of Photography – Albert Watson Edition
The limited edition of 1,000 bottles of The Macallan Sherry Oak 20 years old contains a specially commissioned label by Watson and a unique set of 10 portfolio prints. Tasting Notes – Color: Rich rosewood; Nose: Chocolate orange, Dried fruits, Clove/ Ginger, Polished Oak; Palate: Abundant with Fruit, Raisin, Orange, with Sweet Spices; Finish: Medium to Long, Ginger, Fruit and Oak. $1215.24
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