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How To Avoid a Pumpkin Tragedy

The other day, I witnessed a genuine Pumpkin Tragedy. No, not the kind you see pictured at left; we see those every year around this time. This tragedy was real, and it pained me to see the forlorn look on the customers face when David, the manager, uttered the words “Sorry, we were out of New Holland Ichabod Pumpkin Ale almost as soon as it was in the door”. The poor woman looked like she was nine years old, and just learned that her pet hamster had died. Until, that is, David told her about how she might avert this kind of craft beer catastrophe in the future. He told her about the MainDepotConnection, and how signing up was probably the ONLY way she’d have a chance at purchasing certain limited releases, and in general a pretty good way to at least get queued up to be in the store on limited release items that come in batches larger than a few cases. Sign up today to avert your OWN Pumpkin Tragedy.

Posted By:Admin October 12, 2012

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