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Fall Specials, A New Site, and The Main/Depot Connection

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Having operated Main Party since 1989, we can lay claim to a few interesting things. Since the demise of the legendary Village Corner, we unquestionably have the largest selection of wine in town, with about 3,000 to choose from. Last we knew, we also have the biggest selection of beer in town, with over 1500, which includes a massive selection of craft brews and imports. And we also have had the longest on-line presence of any local beer and wine sellers; our site first lit up in 1999. That last fact has also unfortunately been a minor impediment; although we were ahead of the curve several years ago, the site has become something like a solid old house with little additions built on the side, with a WordPress blog tacked on (you’re reading it!), and a not-so-well-maintained searchable inventory. That’s all going to change in the next few months though, as we finally blow out the old site and update our technology a bit.

We still don’t have a very active social networking presence; we decided a while back that there’s just too much “noise” in that realm for our busy staff to manage things in a way that actually benefits our guests. But recently, as a stepping stone to launching our new site with lots of other new features, we launched, where you can sign up to get subscriber only specials and be the first to learn about new arrivals of wine and craft beer, not only here at Main Party, but also at the historic Beer Depot, just a few blocks away. Sometimes one store has specials or new items that the other doesn’t, or if one store sells out of a limited release item, the other may have it. Signing up is a great way to stay ahead of the game.

Our latest wine specials are HERE, and the beer specials are HERE. With October almost upon us and the holiday season just around the corner, this is a great time to plug in and be ahead of the game.

Posted By:Admin September 29, 2012

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