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This Father’s Day, Celebrate the Sweet Smell of Dad

A scotch and a cigarLet’s face it. Dads tend to smell funny. Whether it’s that “Old Spice” smell after they shave, that gasoline and grass smell after mowing the lawn, or that smoky aroma after barbecuing or having a scotch and a cigar, they just tend to smell like, well, DAD. So this Father’s Day, why not help Dad smell like Dad with a fancy cigar and a nice scotch? You KNOW he never used that nose hair trimmer you gave him, and he already has more shop tools than an Indy 500 pit crew. And buying golf clubs is more like finding the perfect woman, so you know you can’t help him there, because he already has your mom! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, with a selection of over 200 single malt scotches, and a healthy selection of fine cigars to ponder. Below are some excellent and reasonably priced cigars, and some of our higher end scotches. Mom may not appreciate you for helping Dad smell funny, but she won’t mind, since you gave her such an awesome Mother’s Day experience, RIGHT? Oh. You didn’t? If you let your mom down this year (shame!) you better cover yourself there too. When you’re checking out with that fine scotch and cigar combo, and that fancy craft beer you’ll inevitably pick up for yourself, we have Moneygram services too. Mom will never complain about some extra cash in the bank!

15th Anniversary Sampler
Rocky Patel 15th
Anniversary Sampler
No-one likes to smoke alone, that’s why this anniversary sampler offeres three 15th Anniversary Toros, and three 15th Anniversary Torpedos. You’ll have to duke it out over the lighter though. $59.99
Nicaraguan Sampler
Rocky Patel
Nicaraguan Sampler
Three Rocky Patel 1961 Toros – created to celebrate Rocky Patel’s birth year – and three Rocky Patel Brothers Toros, specially crafted by Rocky and his brother, Nimesh. And a lighter! $52.99
Macanudo Cafe CrystalMacanudo Cafe Crystal
The Macanudo Cafe Crystal is a smooth, mild Robusto that comes sealed in a crystal tube to preserve freshness. The same reason a Macanudo Cafe makes a great gift when you’re not sure what to get is the same reason it’s probably the most asked for cigar in America. $18.00/Single
Cohiba Crystal Corona
Cohiba Crystal Corona
The Crystal Corona combines long-aged Dominican Cuban-seed fillers, Indonesian Jember binders and savory African Cameroon wrappers hand-rolled into a rich-tasting, perfectly-balanced and creamy-smooth smoke. $18.00/Single

These scotches  are some of our high-end choices, but with over
200 to choose from, there’s sure to be one in your price range.

Johnnie Walker Blue
Johnnie Walker Blue Label
(Special 1.75L Silk Lined Box)
Aroma: Opens very slowly to reveal a mass of aromas: smoke, dried fruit, polished oak, liquorice, cake, silky fruit, cream.

Palate: Allspice, more cake, crisp malt, and peaty smoke which builds as the whisky opens.

Finish: Long and smoky, fruit pastilles.


Talisker 25 Year Old
Aroma: Nose drying. Seaweed and old oranges, with smoke in the distance and some chalk. Surprisingly fruity and juicy, although with clear Talisker identity. With water almost soapy, a waxy sweetness. Smoke still present, but now more fragrant.

Palate: Sweet and meek to start, with some acidity and saltiness. Extraordinary flavour development. Becomes dry, stony, minerally, dusty, toasty. Ground white pepper. Chillies.

Finish: Medium to long, slightly bitter, drying finish with a warming effect.


Glenmorangie Astar
Aroma: Rich in toffee and crème-brulee, drizzled with fresh menthol, warm cinnamon and deep aniseed spices. Mint humbugs and a sweet honey-lemon complexity follows.

Palate: Crème-brulee with a burst of mouth-watering pineapple, poached pears and apricots, smothered with vanilla custard.

Finish: The finish is long and smooth with a lingering mix of honey and almond, coconut ice and traces of aniseed.


Glenmorangie 18
Glenmorangie 18 Year
Extremely Rare
Aroma: Rich, rounded and sweet with dried fruits and a complex floral fragrance.

Palate: The taste is balanced between honey, malt and flowery scents. Dates and figs emerge in the background with a hint of wood smoke.

Finish: The finish is long and enticing with the sweetness of dried fruit and subtle dryness of Oloroso nuttiness.


DEWAR’S Signature
Honeyed: A drizzle of honey poured over Scottish fudge. Warm, buttery and mellow.

Rich toffee: Macadamia toffee and shavings of coconut. Rich, creamy and sweet.

Velvet: A full finish, rich oak with a swirl of caramel.Complex, lingering and smooth.


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