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April Can Be Taxing…

Whether tax season is a tiresome period when you do a lot of extra work only to figure out how much you won’t get paid for doing it, or the time when you grab an EZ form and figure out your “magic money” refund for the year, we can all probably agree that we deserve a reward for our agony leading up to tax day. That’s why we’ve picked our Spring specials on wine and craft beer to coincide with tax day. As well as the usual types of specials we feature on our standard shelf items, David (the manager) has gone through the premium cellar and picked about a half-dozen additional items. One of the more interesting ones – if you happen to have hit the tax lotto big this year – is a 1997 Opus One Imperial (six liter) bottle. This has been carefully cellared and rotated appropriately. We had a rare opportunity to photograph it in a vertical position as the cellar was being reorganized. Usually $2249.95, for a limited time we’ll let it go for $1999.99! But of course most of us would buy a used car before spending two grand on a bottle of wine, so we have plenty of other deals, starting as low as $7.99 for a bottle of Concha y Toro Moscato, or $4.99 for a six pack of Schell’s! Spring has sprung! See the regular specials here, the premium choices here.

Posted By:Admin April 18, 2012

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