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Zaya Rum and Why We’re Going To Trinidad

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It looks like I’m taking a trip to Trinidad. Why? Because if Joe – the owner here at Main Party – doesn’t take me along when he goes. I’m quitting. And why is he going? Because back in December, he met a couple of gentleman from Infinium Spirits, the purveyors of Zaya Rum, and fell in love. With the rum that is, not the gentlemen from Zaya. For them, he developed an instant respect for their passion for creating a fine spirit. Enough respect that he not only decided to carry the rum in the store, but he also decided to add it to the exclusive selections at our premium wine & spirits site, which means taking a trip to Trinidad, where this exceptional rum is made. If you’re already a rum aficionado, you will either like Zaya for what it is or not, but there is no argument about whether it is one of the finer rums in the world. If you’re not particularly into rum, you may still have it in your head that rum only exists to make a rum and coke, and have some vague memories left over from a wild night out on a tropical vacation that it’s also used for Daiquiris and Mai Tais. Or perhaps you recently discovered the Mojito. If you fall into the latter camp, it’s time to study up! And what kind of studying is more interesting than “studying” an interesting new fine spirit? Rum has a fascinating and rich history that extends back to the American Revolution and beyond, as we explain in our History of Rum over at And for many, the modern perception was shaped almost entirely by the dominant white rums and the handful of dark rums that were the only ones available for decades. The fact is that saying “I don’t like rum” is like saying “I don’t like red wine”. While one is certainly entitled to not like something, that’s a pretty sweeping statement. Much like other spirits, rum begins with a fairly simple base that gives it part of its character. What sets rum apart is that this base is sugar, or in the case of Zaya, blackstrap molasses. After the original distilling – much like whiskey or brandy – the art is in carefully selecting the right barrels for aging, and as the rum ages, applying master blending skills to create a world-class spirit. Which is what Zaya Rum is. To learn more about Zaya, visit our specialty site and find out more about how it’s made, the history of rum in general, and even the colorful history of Trinidad , which is as rich and complex as Zaya. We even included ideas for how best to enjoy Zaya, below:

Zaya Cocktail Recipe

3 oz. of Zaya Rum
Served in a snifter.
Garnish frowned upon.

Just having some fun; while this  probably is the best way to enjoy it, Zaya’s mellow character also makes it a perfect component of a lot of classic cocktails, so we’ve included a full list of Zaya’s cocktail suggestions here.

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