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Versatile & Romantic Wines For Valentine’s Day

Mi Amore from Northern Italy –
a versatile choice with a
charmingly romantic label.

If your number one priority this Valentine’s Day is picking the perfect wine, or getting the best table at the most expensive restaurant, your priorities may be a little out of order. Like the accomplished romance artist and crooner Dean Martin said, “when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore”. A romantic Valentine’s Day should be about the love, and all the other things that express it – some flowers, a simple gift, some sensual food, some levity, and the look in the eyes. Not the price tag and the Robert Parker score. That’s why we’ve picked some versatile, accessible, and affordable bubblies and table wines for your consideration. Italy and Spain are sort of legendary for expertise in the romance department, which might explain the fun sexiness of the wines here. And we especially focused on wines that have a romantic hue, or in the case of the Mi Amore, a romantic label. The producers themselves say that the “two doves kissing represent peace, harmony and passion”. What more do you want out of Valentine’s Day. We’ve suggested some wine, the rest is up to you.

Progetto4 Rosè Cuvèe Spumante Extra Dry
Progetto4 Rosè Cuvèe
Spumante Extra Dry
Brilliant deep pink in color with ruby glints. Aromas of red berries, especially strawberry and raspberry. Agreeably intense, fruity and particularly fragrant. The harmony created by the brilliant colour plus the aroma of red berries makes it highly quaffable and pleasant to drink. An extremely versatile sparkling wine suitable as an aperitif as well as for accompanying raw shellfish or white meat. Excellent with pasta dishes, but should also be tried in somewhat “unusual” combinations such as with pizza. Serve in a large glass to appreciate to the full the fine perlage and the intense aromas. $17.99
Querido Rose Frizzante 2010Querido Rosé Frizzante
Tenuta Villa Tavernago
A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are used in different percentages depending on the year. A very delicate peachy color with golden highlights, with delicate and persistent bubbles. Aromas of bread & vanilla present themselves, but on the palate, this sparking wine has pleasant balance of tart fruit and sweetness that makes it suitable as a classic aperitif, but also excellent with appetizers of fish, raw fish (carpaccio, sushi), or oysters. Also flexible enough to enjoy with varied combinations, as above. Great for accompanying a romantic spread or a picnic. $16.99/$14.99
Opera Prima Pink Moscato
Opera Prima Pink Moscato
This fine sparkling presents intense aromas of fresh berries and tropical fruit with hints of white flower petals. Delicate bubbles caress the palate offering a silky and pleasant sweetness well balanced by a crisp refreshing finish. Opera Prima is produced by J. Garcia Carrion Winery, the largest, family-owned wine producer in Spain. The grapes are sourced from La Mancha, the largest wine region in Spain and the world. All Opera Prima wines are vinified, aged and bottled at the family’s winery in Damiel, Spain. Now run by the 6th consecutive generation, Opera Prima represents the family’s commitment to the varietals, terroir and high-quality wines produced in this region. $8.99 or 2/$15.00
Mi Amore Red Produced from the Refosco grapes of Northern Italy’s “individualistic” Emilia-Romagna region. If you’re a narrow-minded connoisseur, you may turn your nose up at the simplicity and accessibility of these wines. That’s okay, the rest of us will just go ahead and enjoy them as they’re meant to be enjoyed, as a versatile accompaniment to anything from pastas to seafood or poultry, or simply with some good company. Ruby red with Intense purple hues, Mi Amore Red carries scents of cherry and raspberry on the nose. Full-bodied and sweet with gentle tannins; it should be served slightly chilled. $11.99
Mi Amore White Produced from Albana grapes, Mi Amore white is light straw yellow with silvery hues. Presents aromas of dusty exotic tropical fruits, apricot, and light caramel that lead into a lively and pleasantly simple palate of tart fruit and sweet cider. Finishes with a clean cidery-ness. From the Romagna region, south of Venice. A clean, sweet taste makes a great companion for desserts, but is also an exciting non traditional combination with seafood. It particularly compliments the natural sweetness of scallops and shrimp. $11.99
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