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A Peek At Two Exceptional Champagnes At Their Peak

You might find a little traffic jam in the center aisle near the front of the store this weekend, and then again the week of February 14. That’s because that’s where most of our champagne and sparkling wine is found. But don’t let that stop you from making your way to the cellar in the back, which is where the two exceptional vintage champagnes featured below can be found! Last year we pointed out that “Too Much Champagne” Is An Oxymoron, highlighting how “quantity has a quality all its own”, and just how affordable a good sparkling wine can be. We also talked about hosting and toasting and the origin of the old line Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends, observing that we have over 150 sparklers on hand to help make any celebration a success. It’s probably more like 200 this year! And amongst all those sparkling wines and champagnes, this year we have some excellent prices on the two late 90’s champagnes below. These two are both in the middle of their peak, and will probably drink well until 2015-2020. So break out some remarkable bubbly without breaking the budget. And this New Year, be the best host or guest you can be, be happy, and most of all, be safe! Happy 2012!

Henriot La Cuvee Des Enchanteleurs Henriot La Cuvee Des Enchanteleurs 1995

Most reviewers who have uncorked this exceptional ’95 champagne have reported that it has only gotten better over the last few years. This is a bubbly that may be near its peak, although it should be fine through 2020. A dynamic nose of brioche, lemon, smoky roasted nuts, and honey. It presents with elegance in spite of the forceful wine that the palate will experience immediately after! A rich and creamy mouthfeel with an intense palate of lemon, vanilla, spice, almond, and rich toasty biscuit. Very long finish. $199.99 $149.99

Nicolas Feuillatte Cuvee 225 Nicolas Feuillatte Cuvee 225 1997

This special cuvée is named after the cellar workers whose job was to watch over casks of the best wines. Extremely clear, a fine continuity in the bubbles, and a superb sparkle, all of which complement the subtle gold color. This is a generous champagne, presenting hints of honey, cinnamon and clove, apricot, peaches and vanilla to the nose. A palate of musky apple traits, with rich toffee, caramel, and subtle, balanced accents of oak, smokiness and spice. This wine should be at its peak through 2015, and still drinking well for several years beyond. $119.99 $79.99

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