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Please vote by November 5, 2011

We hope you vote for us in’s weekly contest, which this week is for Best Retail Wine Selection in Ann Arbor. Mostly because facts are facts, and to the best of our knowledge, the only wine retailer in Ann Arbor that ever had a wine selection comparable to ours was the legendary – but sadly no longer with us – Village corner. We take a great deal of pride in managing to present around 3,000 wines in our meager 2500 square feet, while still managing to provide the biggest selection of craft and import beers in the area, as well as over a thousand fine spirits. And everything else you expect in a party store. We’re also realists; we know that a couple of other local retailers have more full-time wine specialists on hand, but go easy on us. We’d love to do the same, but where would we put them? So please, help keep the facts straight, and vote for us in this week’s contest. You’ll feel better knowing that truth was served.

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