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Fine Spirits To Haunt Your Halloween

We don't carry this product but for some reason, about once a month someone comes in and asked for it.

The problem with Vodka marketing is that the truth of the matter is, when the objective of a fine spirit is to achieve the ultimate clarity in palate, and the Vodka itself is crystal clear by nature, it becomes virtually impossible for most people to be able to distinguish one top-shelf Vodka from another. One of the only ways to make a Vodka stand apart at that point is to put flavor back INTO the Vodka, which probably explains the craze of the last decade to flavor Vodka with just about everything imaginable. Give it time, and we’ll probably see “Cool Ranch” and “Zesty Nacho” Vodka hit the market. About the only other way to differentiate a Vodka in this competitive field is the packaging and the story. Somehow, Vodka lends itself very well to spookiness, which makes the Vodkas below perfect for a Halloween celebration. They’re all three of exceptional quality, and they all make for both great conversation starters, AND a decorative element of your party. David, the manager, points out that if you bought a bunch of the little 50ML Crystal head bottles, they would make an AWESOME string of lights that you could use for years to come. And we don’t want to exlude those who aren’t fond of Vodka; the Monster Bokrijks Belgian is a great ale in a collectible, monster-themed earthenware bottle. We also may have some of this year’s pumpkin beer left, or some of the spicy autumn beverages we suggested last Halloween.

BLAVOD Pure Black Vodka
The producer says “Black will always be the color that defines style and sophistication and it has a place in the world of spirits as well”, but black is also the color of the sinister and spooky, making Blavod a perfect choice for a Halloween party. Especially with inventive use of garnishes, its black color and distinctive bottle are sure to stimulate conversation, even if everyone at the party has the social skills of a zombie. The colour of Blavod is caused by adding catechu, an herb found in southern Asia and central and east Africa. Rich in tannin, catechu has no effect on vodka’s flavour.
Crystal Head
Crystal Head Vodka
Not only is this an exceptional vodka, it comes in an exceptional package that makes it an awesome gift idea any time of year. And how many vodkas can double as a decorative centerpiece at your Halloween party? Crystal Head is made with water from a deep aquifer in Newfoundland, Canada and a proprietary blend of specifically selected grains to give it a creamy and slightly sweet taste on the finish. No added Glycerin, Citrus oil, or Sugar.
Ghost Vodka
To answer that question above, I guess at least THREE exceptional vodkas can double as a centerpiece for your Halloween celebration. Ghost Vodka – from our own Motor City – is resurrecting the spirit of handcraft vodka in America. Distilled from Michigan red wheat, corn, and barley, Only the most tantalizing ‘middle cut’ of each batch goes into every bottle. With its unparalleled taste, and exceptional finish, ghost vodka will make you a believer.
Monster Bokrijks
Sterkens Monster
Bokrijks Belgian Ale
From the producer: The second round of the Alchemic Ale series comes in a beautiful 750mL brown earthenware swing-top crock – with screenprinted art by underground comics legend and art-world anti-hero Mat Brinkman . Filled with Bokrijks Belgian Ale, the showpiece of Meer, Belgium’s Brouwerij Sterkens, it has notes of fruit and spice. This medium bodied Belgian countryside maltwine also has a bitter bite as a result of secondary fermentation in the bottle – a perfect tonic to accompany a session of monster-gazing!
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