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Western Michigan vs. Michigan

If you’re a Michigan Football fan, you may not be too crazy about Western Michigan’s team. But that’s no reason to not enjoy Western Michigan’s BEER, which is why – as part of our keep your friend’s beer close, keep your enemy’s beer closer specials – we’re discounting Dark Horse beer for the entire 2011 Michigan Football season. While you enjoy Michigan’s probable victory over Western, you can also enjoy their beer, and be a good sport by supporting their local economy. Yes, we know – WMU is in Kalamazoo, and Dark Horse is made in Marshall. But if you want a Kalamazoo beer, we also have Bell’s. It’s just not on sale! And if you want to sample some other great beers from Western Michigan, we also have a full selection of the fine craft beers produced by Founders, Arcadia, and New Holland. So whether you’re a Michigan fan wanting to pound both your opponent AND their beer, or if you’re a Western Michigan fan looking for some comfort away from home, we’ve got you covered. Stop by and check out ALL of our Michigan beers, or any of the other 1500+ beers we stock. Open a beer and open the season. And remember to be a good sport, and be safe this holiday weekend.

Posted By:Admin September 2, 2011

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