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Journeys With Joey – The Herradura Hacienda In Guadalajara

Welcome To Herradura

If you know Joey, the owner here at Main Party, and if you heard that he was going to Guadalajara to sample some fine Herradura Tequila right at the distillery, it might conjure images of Joey and Pee Wee Herman dancing on the bar to the song Tequila. That’s because Joey is such a gregarious and fun fellow. But what you may not know about Joey – because he’s remarkably unpretentious – is that with twenty years of sampling and selling fine wines and spirits, he’s one of the more broadly knowledgeable people you’ll meet when it comes to how a quality wine, spirit, or beer is made. That’s why Joey is working on a new long-term plan to go right to the source, and when possible personally select the finest products, just for you. The first of these trips was in March of this year. He was invited to the Herradura Hacienda in Guadalajara, to see how one of the world’s finest tequilas is produced, and select his own barrel. We can’t sell tequila from a cask in Michigan, so for your convenience, the tequila will be presented in personalized bottles. When you look at the label, you’ll notice a web address – – which is where you can learn more about the various trips Joey will be taking to find you the finest libations available. As we said at the top, the first trip was to the Herradura Hacienda to select a barrel of Herradura’s unique Reposado. We say unique, because it’s the only tequila produced using only the naturally occurring airborne yeasts within the distillery, and then aged 11 months (five times the norm) in American white oak barrels. That first part – the naturally occurring yeasts – is just one of many magical aspects of Herradura’s story. We’ll talk about all of them, as well as sharing the full story of Joe’s trip, when goes fully live some time in May. As of this writing, Joey is just returning from visiting ten vineyards in California, and this summer, he’ll be visiting Kentucky to select a fine small batch bourbon. Stay tuned. Below are some photos from Joey’s trip to Herradura.

Posted By:Admin May 2, 2011

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  1. Posted by Ramis on 05.14.11 8:52 am

    Thanks for taking me Joey! Just because I don’t drink, didn’t you need a sober donkey driver?

  2. Posted by Meredith on 06.13.11 11:55 am

    Fantastic photos Joe! I look forward to sampling!

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