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25 Craziest Beer Brands And Labels

Crazy Beer BrandsFor an independent beer maker, it’s probably a challenge to cut through the noise of today’s marketplace. Think about it. With literally thousands of beers to choose from, and the incessant marketing chatter of TV, radio, billboards, Twitter, texts, and dozens of tap handles behind the bar vying for your attention, what’s a small independent beermaker to do? Well, first of all, they better make a darn good beer. And then they need to get people talking about it. And although many craft beers create a buzz just by being consumed, the brewer needs to create the other kind of buzz. Which probably goes a long way toward explaining brand names like Old Leghumper, Moose Drool, Yellow Snow IPA, Shaggin’ in the Wood, and Imperial Hopwhore. But beer enthusiasts are a special breed, and although they’re probably even more demanding and discriminating than the typical wine connoisseur, they tend to have a much better sense of humor. There are probably few consumer groups that could recommend a product to their friends called “Arrogant Bastard” or “Hairy Eyeball” without batting a lash. Which probably better explains the preponderance of bizarre, nearly offensive, but always hilarious names of cutting edge craft beers. We’ve rounded up nearly thirty of the craziest brands and labels below. Feel free to share any we missed in the comments.

A little disclaimer: In spite of any kidding we do about the brand names below, these are all exceptional craft beers, and we stock almost all of them. Can you guess which two we don’t? Guess you’ll have to stop by the store to find out!

Bastards and Bad Dads

Although nothing on the label specifically says that Dirty Dick is a bastard, it’s kind of implied. And though the names “Arrogant Bastard” and “Dirty Bastard” are meant more as a description of the fact that they’re strong ales, one can imagine a certain pleasure being derived from holding a bottle like this while you’re making a point in conversation at the bar.

Dirty Dicks
Dirty Bastard
Arrogant Bastard

We have to applaud these two for having the nerve to tap into the dark side, especially “Alimony Ale, The Bitterest Brew In America”. But it was probably wise to stop short of using a guy in a dirty t-shirt watching TV on the label. And after years of mom having a little helper, the truth is revealed. Dad has one too.

Alimony Ale
Dads Little Helper

Animal Acts

Your beer better be pretty darn good if you’re going to call it something like “Moose Drool” or “Yellow Snow”. And “Old Leghumper”? So many legs, so little time indeed! We’ll leave it up to you to decide what’s really going on in a “Ménage À Frog”, or what that lady is doing with that “Albino Python”.

Old leghumper
Moose drool
Albino Python
Yellow Snow Ale

Death, Demons, and Mayhem

If you showed up at a tasting of strong ales and imperial stouts, you could easily get the impression you had accidentally stumbled into some kind of weird occult group. Probably the only other market that is as comfortable with references to death, destruction, and the frequent use of demons and devils in the imagery would be the world of Heavy Metal music.

Imperial Krampus
Dead Guy
Cereal Killer


Not many products would sell very well if you described their possible ramifications on the label. I mean, there’s an Asian brand of cigarettes ironically named “Long Life”, but I doubt cars would sell very well if, for instance, the 1999 Ford Explorer had been dubbed the “Ford Rollover”. By the way, if you’re not familiar with the expression “hairy eyeball”, it has roughly the same meaning as “giving someone the stinkeye”. And the He’Brew tribute to Lenny Bruce is sheer genius.

Delirium Tremens
Bittersweet Lennys R.I.P.A.
hairy eyeball
Skull Splitter
Fiddlers Elbow

Sinful Santas

We always figured there was something else going on at the North Pole. Now we know.

Santas Private Reserve
Pickled Santa
Rudolph's Revenge
Criminally Bad Elf

Just Plain Peculiar

These really didn’t fit the categories above. “Kill Ugly Radio” was a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the album “Absolutely Free” by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention. “Rejewvenator” is one of Schmaltz Brewery’s many witty references to Jewishness. Although Wikipedia tells us that Schmaltz is rendered chicken, goose, or pork fat used for frying or as a spread on bread, most of us are probably more familiar with the Yiddish slang meaning “excessive sentimentality in art or music”, which is probably more often taken to mean “corny”. In the case of Schmaltz Brewery, it’s really just a license to have fun with American Jewish humor in general with names like “He’Brew, The Chosen Beer”, “Jewbelation”, and “Rejewvenator”. And Lagunitas’ “Undercover Investigator Shutdown”? That’s an irreverent reference to the time in 2005 that state authorities tried to bust Lagunitas for selling marijuana. Read the full story with a nice review of the beer here.

Ugly Radio
undercover investigator

We couldn’t find images for ANY of these gems from Tyranena’s “Brewers Gone Wild!” Series.
If you know where we can, contact us.

– Who’s Your Daddy? Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter
– Bitter Woman from Hell Extra India Pale Ale
– HopWhore Imperial India Pale Ale
– Spank Me Baby! Barley Wine-Style Ale
– The Devil Made Me Do It! Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Porter
– High Class Broad Imperial Brown Ale Aged in Brandy Barrels
– Stickin’ It To The Man Extra India Pale Ale
– Dirty Old Man Imperial Rye Porter Aged in Rye Barrels
– Devil Over A Barrel Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Porter Aged in Bourbon Barrels
– Scurvy IPA brewed with Orange Peel
– Paradise by the Dash Board Lights Doubly Blessed Cherry Porter
– Bitter Woman In The Rye
– La Feme Amere Wisconsin Belgique-Style IPA
– Doubly Down ‘N Even Dirtier Chocolate Vanilla Barrel-Aged Double Stout
– Shaggin’ in the Wood Bourbon Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale

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