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A New Ann Arbor Wine Club

A New Ann Arbor Wine ClubHistorically, a club was something used to clobber your opponent with. More recently, they became something that Groucho Marx didn’t want any part of if they were willing to accept members like himself. What we’re planning bears no relationship to either; we’re thinking more along the lines of the more common dictionary definition, i.e.: “a group of persons organized for a social, literary, athletic, political, or other purpose“, or “an organization that offers its subscribers certain benefits, as discounts, bonuses, or interest, in return for regular purchases or payments“. Ann Arbor already has a few well-organized wine clubs and tasting events, but we think there may be room for one more. Our regular wine customers know the benefits of getting to know us a little better, mainly the tremendous savings you can receive just by building a friendship. So we want to extend this idea to as many of our customers as are interested. We’re still working out venues, membership levels, and the specifics of upcoming events, and that’s where we’d like your help. What would YOU like to see in a wine club? We’re hoping to make our events something a little more interesting than just dressed up product pitches, so we hope to bring in interesting presenters, and make these events FUN. And while we’re at it, offer people a place to get to know other local wine enthusiasts,  give our members first looks at new arrivals, and offer some great pricing year ’round for a very reasonable member fee. So here’s your chance to chime in. What would YOU like to see in a wine club? We’ll be back soon with details on the first event, which as of this writing looks like it will feature Champagne and gifts from Christian Dior. Yes, Christian Dior and Main Party! Perhaps an unexpected combination, but we have more up our sleeves. Feel free to let us know in the comments what YOU’D like to see though.

Posted By:Admin January 16, 2011

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