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Beaujolais Nouveau? Why Don’t You Give The Kid A Break

Albert Bichot Beaujolais Villages NouveauThe 2002 article Red Scare – Stay away from that Beaujolais Nouveau, sucker is a perfect example of the kind of snobbishness that can get in the way of simply enjoying wine. In it, the author slams the wine as “a wine mainly borne of its worst vineyards, a wine barely removed from the fermentation vat, a wine that is nothing more than pleasantly tart barroom swill“. If you share this attitude toward the annual release of the Beaujolais Nouveau, maybe it’s time to un-stuff your shirt for a moment, and have some fun with it for what it is. Granted, it’s fair to say that the wine industry over-marketed the autumn tradition of rushing out the year’s recent harvest while its better grapes are still just beginning to become the great wines of Beaujolais. But the real marketing frenzy of recent decades is over, and at the end of the day the nouveau is a fun wine, whose youthful fruit expresses an enthusiasm for life and the rewards of the harvest. This recent Houston Chronicle piece fair-handedly explains how Georges Duboeuf’s marketing savvy may have done for Beaujolais what white zinfandel did for rosé, but takes a much more positive spin. In it, the author shares an example of how to enjoy the annual release. On Thursday morning next week, French father and son restaurateurs Georges and Jean-Philippe Guy will “pop a cork of the 2010 Nouveau, slice some saucisson – cured, air-dried country sausage – and toast each other“. They of course will be doing in the crisp fall air of  the region, but what a wonderful image. We’re sorry to say we can’t help you get to the French countryside by next week, but we WILL have some Albert Bichot Beaujolais Nouveau on hand. Even if your palate resists such childish grape expressions, the light fruitiness and colorful label of a Nouveau is a fantastic complement to holiday dinners, and with its broadly accessible character, a great gift through the end of the year.

Posted By:Admin November 14, 2010

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