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New Site Features & Main Party’s Secret Cellar

We’re slowly rolling out a few new site features to help you get to know Main Party a little better. One of them is the blog that you’re reading at this very moment. We’ll be updating at least weekly to let you know about new arrivals, specials, and – perhaps most importantly – to highlight special items from what we jokingly call the “Secret Cellar”. If you’ve ever been in the store, there’s a good chance that you don’t know that on top of the 1500+ wines we have packed into the narrow aisles in the front of the store, there are several hundred more in our cellar in the back of the store. Collectibles, rarities, and a solid selection of wines for the more demanding wine enthusiast. To help you peruse our growing inventory, we’re introducing a cellar search tool; there’s a search box at the top of each page, as well as an advanced search tool here. We’re also planning tastings, a club, a newsletter, and much more information in our database, so that in the coming months it won’t just be a way to search our inventory, it will also be a useful reference tool. Stay tuned. And if you’re a serious wine lover, next time you’re in the store ask about the “secret cellar”. Because, as Jean de La Fontaine said, “Rien ne pèse tant qu’un secret” (Nothing weighs on us so heavily as a secret).

Posted By:Admin October 14, 2010

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