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Wines From Europe
Wines From France
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There's so much existing information about the complex history of wines in France that we won't add to the maelstrom here, except to say that we stock a solid base of the important Bordeauxs and Burgundies, and have some unique Rhones you might not have heard of. Check out our more complete lists elsewhere in the site, or feel free to contact us if you're looking for something special.
Wines From Germany
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To the cultivated palate, German wine historically was considered an inferior libation. This is changing with the advent of modern methods and standards, presumably driven by the worldwide explosion in wine production and consumption. In particular, "Eisweins", the late-harvest dessert wines, are being taken to new heights, and many people are finding that Kabinett and Spatlese actually provide an excellent accompaniment for "Pacific Rim" Cuisine.
Wines From Italy
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If you're a Cabernet drinker seeking to broaden your red wine horizons, give some thought to the Barolo and Barbaresco from Italy's Piedmont. While often likened to Burgundy, these wines actually use a different grape-Nebbiolo. Wine drinkers accustomed to the softer California Cabs may be surprised by the hearty complexity of these wines, but Europeans have enjoyed them for years, and they're only getting better of late, with prices climbing proportionately.
Wines From Spain
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Spain actually has more vine growing than any other country in the world, but the combination of economics and an arid climate have kept Spain a little lower-profile than their European neighbours. This is changing a little, with more rigorous standards, (called "Denominacion de Origen", modelled after the French "Appellation d'Origine Controllée") and many fine wines are to be had at a reasonable price, most of them being best consumed on release.
Wines From Central Europe - Moldova, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republics, Georgia
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In the mid twentieth century, central Europe was producing wines that rivalled those of their western European counterparts. Decades of economic and political instability made this impossible, to the extent that much of the wine in this area was for some time produced from imported juice concentrate. This is all changing now, thanks to economic reforms, and some of the former vineyards in this part of the world are picking up steam, producing some quality wines.
Main Wine stocks some interesting items from this area, particularly Moldova. Contact us to see if we have anything new not listed here.