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Okay, We Can’t All Afford a $2,000 Scotch For Christmas…

Balvenie Vintage Cask 1966
The Balvenie Vintage Cask
1966… Only $1549.00

…but we have them if you need them, and lots of other, more affordable gift ideas this holiday season.

“Oh. My. God. I had NO idea.” This is a phrase often uttered when a visitor to the store first explores our “Secret Cellar” or bothers to look up at the hundreds of collectible, limited release, and small batch spirits that line the wall near the ceiling of the store. Being the holiday season and all, we thought this might be a good time to once again say it out here on the intarwebz (we mentioned this last year during the “fiscal cliff” drama). Main Party is a classic example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Hiding behind our admittedly slightly funky facade is a world of wines and fine spirits you probably wouldn’t imagine would be here. The beer folk know about our amazing selection of craft and import beers, but for some reason the fine wine crowd has been slower to get hip to our offerings. We’ll be celebrating our 25th anniversary in business next year, and Joe (the owner) has been carefully building what is probably the most extensive selection of fine wines and spirits in Ann Arbor. We’ve picked some unique items below to highlight what we have to offer, and rest assured that with around 3,000 wines on hand, we have pretty much anything you’re seeking that fills that gap between something like the 400 dollar 375ml Château d’Yquem below, and the $8.99 Argentinian red table wine. Stop in sometime, look up, and look in back too. You’ll probably be amazed at the selection. Then tell a friend. We’re tired of the premium cellar being Ann Arbor’s best-kept wine secret! (more…)

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[UPDATED] Need a Versatile Wine for a Holiday Dinner? Just look for the Curious Turkey!

Curious Turkey Update![UPDATE: We realized that our “Curious Turkey” tags tended to get lost in the mix of all the shelf talkers, so we switched to a bright red ornament to make them easier to spot. So we figured while we were at it, we may as well select more great wines to feature! See below. ] Your Thanksgiving menu may change from year to year, but there’s one thing you can count on with holiday dinners. And that is that when the full spread is a melange of dishes comprised of everything from a classic holiday turkey or ham to Aunt Gertrude’s famous suspended marshmallow bundt-pan jello or Campbell’s-soup-based green bean casserole, there is no single wine that is up to the task. That’s why we’ve once again selected some value-minded versatile wines that have a lighter, simpler, or sweeter touch to better embrace the riot of flavors that are likely to be on the table. As we pointed out last year, that “Bacon Turducken” trend is probably over, so we can at least eliminate the terror of the “Russian egg” birds-within-birds-within-birds hurdle. But holiday dinners remain an impossible challenge when it comes to selecting a “perfect” wine. The solution then becomes almost simple — just stick to certain styles and varietals and it is a fairly easy task. Rieslings, Chenin Blanc, and Pinot Grigios are a no-brainer for the whites, and Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and a smattering of other reds can cover you for the reds. Below is a short selection from the 3,000+ wines we have on hand. Just look for the “Curious Turkey” tags. If the specific wine we’ve chosen to highlight doesn’t suit your fancy, you’ll at least be looking at the right section to help you make a selection! Our last-minute picks are below. (more…)

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Two Gift Ideas For Father’s Day. One Fun, One Fancy

If (like us) you forgot to honor Mother’s day this year, we’d like to point out that the first item we’re going to talk about is available year-round, so maybe mom would like one too, or maybe you’d like to take advantage of it some other time. But as a Father’s Day gift, you’ll need to order by June 5, 2013 (or June 1st if there are special graphics required) in order to receive it by the sixteenth. We recommend you call the store and ask for David during daytime business hours, or stop by in person to learn more. The first item we’re referring to is of course a custom-engraved bottle of Johnnie Walker’s legendary Blue Label Scotch. No gift is quite as personal as one that is, well, personalized. And a custom-engraved bottle of Blue Label allows you to inscribe your personal message using three lines of up to sixteen characters to do it. And a choice of several typefaces, or even a graphic, if you order in time. If your dad is more of a craft beer kind of guy, consider picking up a bottle of Dad’s Little Helper from Rogue. It’s a limited availability item that is often hard to find by the end of June. And Rogue’s story behind the beer – which has been offered as a Black IPA since 2006 – summons the real spirit of Father’s day: “After the death of his wife, Henry Jackson Smart was left to raise 6 young children alone. His courage, love, selflessness and dedication inspired his daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd, to organize the First Father’s Day on June 19th, 1910. In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the third Sunday in June as Fathers Day. President Nixon, in 1972, established it as a permanent day of national observance.” Rogue added their own observance of the holiday in 2005 with Dad’s Little Helper. For more Father’s Day ideas, check out The Sweet Smell of Dad from last year, but be aware that some of those items were available in limited quantity. More info below. (more…)

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These Prices’ll Pop Your Piñata

If you grew up in certain parts of the states, you may remember celebrating Mexico’s independence on May fifth as a kid by smashing a piñata full of candy with a stick. That would be all fine and dandy, except Cinco de Mayo isn’t actually Mexico’s independence day (a persistent misconception), and interestingly, isn’t as big a holiday in Mexico as it is in other parts of the world. You can get all the facts straight on Wikipedia, but no worries – however Cinco de Mayo ends up being celebrated, it can be a fun holiday paying tribute to the wonderful and diverse culture and history of Mexico. A history that is rich with self-determination and struggle, and more recently, rich with fine spirits (like the custom tequila we had bottled a while back) and beer. Which is why this Cinco de Mayo we’re featuring specials on Grupo Modelo’s popular line of beers, as well as two other items. The first person to guess why we’re featuring the last two items wins a cookie… (more…)

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Love At First Sip

As we pointed out last year when we highlighted some affordable, accessible wine and bubbly for Valentine’s Day, if you’re getting into the real spirit of the holiday, you’re not necessarily wanting to pick a wine that’s going to start a highbrow debate about the Robert Parker score and whether the bottle has been cellared properly. No, as much as “being sweet” has taken some knocks in modern times, both in terms of sentiment and in the world of wine, sweet is back. And bubbles never went out of fashion anyway! So below we’re highlighting one of each. The Cherry On Top wines slide comfortably into that new realm of sweet wines made acceptable over the last couple of years by the surprising meteoric rise of Moscato. And the Rosa Regale – while less sweet – has its roots in hundreds of years of of winemaking in one of Italy’s smallest production zones, the Brachetto d’Acqui Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. It not only has an excellent label for a romantic day like Valentine’s Day, the wine inside is actually quite wonderful! By the way, if you’re still trapped in the odd perception that sweet wine is somehow inferior, check out this NYT piece, which talks about the perplexing consumer resistance to sweet wine. As Marc Parcé of Domaine de la Rectorie observes in the linked article: “It’s bizarre. People have never consumed more sugar than they do today, but no one wants to drink sweet wine.” Well, let’s fix that. Don’t be afraid of a little sweetness this Valentine’s Day!

Rosa Regale Rosa Regale has a delicate bouquet of rose petals and offers sensuous flavors of fresh raspberries and strawberries. Its effervescence is softer than that of champagne, yet it yields a persistent and delicate pink froth. Its lively garnet color makes other sparklers pale in comparison. No wine pairs better with chocolate than Rosa Regale. a celebration.
Cherry On Top Red Cherry On Top Red is deliciously sweet, lush with fruit, and easy to drink, with a smooth finish. Enticing aromas and flavors of bright red cherry, baking spice and vanilla. Created from a blend of Syrah, Zin, Merlot, Tempranillo & Grenache
Cherry On Top White Cherry On Top White possesses floral aromatics, is sweet and lively with fruit, and easy to drink. Aromatics of peach cobbler complimented by fresh stone fruit and a honeyed finish. Blend of White Rielsing, Gewurztraminer, Chenin Blanc and Viognier. Like Moscato? You’ll love it.
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