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Flying Monkeys – They’re Not Just For Witches Any More

Flying Monkeys BreweryAs a child, you may have been – like many American kids – instilled with an early fear of flying monkeys by the film Wizard of Oz. Well, it’s time to shed that fear, and embrace the fine craft beers of Canada’s Flying Monkeys Brewery, especially The Chocolate Manifesto, which just arrived at the store recently. It currently has a 90 rating on Beer Advocate, where users like are saying things like “Holy chocolate Batman, this smells insane! It is easily the chocolatiest smelling beer I have come across“, and then proceeding to mention every possible type of chocolate known to man as being present in the aroma and taste. This is definitely a chocolatey chocolate stout, and in a GOOD way. Look for more Flying Monkeys beers in the store soon, these brewers are passionate about making exceptional and interesting beer. Perhaps at the expense of creating a functional website. If you can get the craziness that it is to actually load, that’s where you’ll learn that they believe that “brewing straight, normal beers is…well, it’s weird”. More soon, but for now, learn more about The Chocolate Manifesto below. It has a busy package, but it is, after all, a “manifesto”. Their beers have a lot of crazy Oz-themed branding in general, in fact they would have easily made our 25 craziest beer labels list of a few years ago 😉 (more…)

Posted By:Admin June 15, 2014

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