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You’ll Love Svytury’s Selection of Euro-style Brews

Svytury's LogoLast week I was asking David, the store manager, if there were any new things in the store of interest. He said “Follow me…” as he led me back to the beer cooler, continuing with “…some customers are really enjoying this new beer we got in from Lithuania”. He pulled down a four-pack from the shelf. I looked at the name, calling out the letters. “S-V-Y-T-U-R-Y-S. How do you pronounce that?” I asked. David continued. “The more demanding beer folks are just saying it’s pretty solid, but nothing to write home about, but people who are into classic European lagers are really loving it.” I asked again: “That’s great, but how do you pronounce it?” He pulled down another four pack, and said “we also have the Baltas”. I looked at him and asked him again: “Am I speaking Lithuanian or something? I asked you a question.” He pulled down one more four pack, adding “and the Baltijos. They’re all 500ml bottles.” Then he suddenly said, “Ope! Looks like they’re getting busy up front! Gotta go!” I still have no idea exactly how you pronounce “Švyturio”, but thanks to the internet, I now know that the first character is technically referred to as “Latin Capital Letter S With Caron”, and that it represents a “voiceless postalveolar fricative”, for all the good that does me. The best guess I have on the pronunciation of the name is “schve-tu-RIES”. Perhaps you know better. If you do, by all means come in and ask for it. It’s currently priced at $10.49 for a 4-Pack of 500ml bottles, $3.29 for singles. Product details below…

Ekstra Švyturys Ekstra is a Dortmunder/European Export lager created by Džuljeta Armoniene, the chief brewer of Švyturys back in 1995. This was the first Lithuanian beer to earn the international recognition and be awarded the gold and the silver at the World Beer Cup and the gold at the Stockholm beer festival. Liquid golden colour topped by a thick, snowy-white foam. Made from barley malt, rice, bitter and spicy hops, brewer’s yeast and fresh water. The beer has been widely acclaimed thanks to the intensity and lightness of its well-balanced taste, with just a slight tinge of the bitterness of hops. Non-pasteurised.
Baltijos Švyturys Baltijos is a dark Märzen/ Oktoberfest lager, one of the beers in the traditional Švyturys collection that has been brewed since 1965. Ethnographers believe that the colour and taste of this “March” beer is most similar to the first beer of Švyturys that German merchant Reincke, the founder of the brewery originally offered back in 1784. In its own category, Baltijos beer has won the bronze at the World Beer Cup and was awarded the Grand Golden Medal at the international Siberian Fair. This deep red amber has a sweetish, rich, long-lasting taste of caramel. Best served in a wide glass shaped like a bauble or a tulip with a sturdy stem to reveal its character. Perfectly complements game and dark meat, oil-rich fish, blue and hard cheese, sweet desserts with caramel and chocolate.
Baltas Švyturys Baltas is a wheat Hefeweizen beer, a member of the traditional Švyturys collection. It is defined by a refreshing taste and flavour that resembles a bouquet of cloves, bananas, plums, orange peel and exotic fruit. This non-filtered, cloudy beer with its peculiar taste and exceptional flavour should be served with a slice of lemon in a special pre-chilled glass. A wheat beer glass quite sharply flared at the top to look a bit like an hourglass, designed so as to perfectly reveal the flavour of this exclusive beer. Perfectly complements fish, seafood, soft cheese, and light fruit desserts.
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