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Who Ordered the 2010 La Tarasque Rhone?

La TarasqueIf you were a fly on the wall in our “secret cellar” last week (and you weren’t, because we don’t allow flies in there), you might have overheard a conversation that went something like this: JOE (sounding a little intimidating): Alright, who the heck ordered this La Tarasque Rhone? DAVID (a little cautiously): Um, I don’t know. JOE: Too bad, I wanted to give them a raise. This stuff is GREAT! When you have around three thousand wines on hand, things can become a bit of a blur. But *whoever it was that ordered the la Tarasque (we still haven’t figured out who it was) deserves a promotion. For one thing, it has a really cool dragon on the label. But more importantly, this little wine is not only a well-executed, old-vine Grenache-dominated Rhone created by Aaron Pott (the only American to lead a Grand Cru Chateau in France), it’s an absolute STEAL at $8.99. And it’ll probably stay at that price, unless we figure out who ordered it, and have to figure out a way to cover their raise.

La Tarasque Bottle From the Producer: Strawberries, cherry, red currants, plum, fig, violets, caramel, coffee, tar, cocoa and wet stone in an incredibly vibrant nose. Cherry, wild strawberry, caramel and peach in a bold attack with medium density. Soft and super supple finish with density, stone fruits linger with persistence. This wine is tasting great! It is refreshing, supple and juicy. ~ Aaron Pott
Posted By:Admin April 8, 2014

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