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New in the Store this Week: Blue Mountain Cider

Blue Mountain CiderBlue Mountain Cider Company is a family owned and operated cidery in Walla Walla that is dedicated to sustainable growing practices. As of this writing, you won’t find many reviews of their ciders on line, probably because they only recently expanded their distribution outside the Northwest US. Blue mountain took their time refining their craft, starting out as four friends making cider literally in a garage, using a small mountain source of fresh apples. As they got better at what they were doing, they sought more expertise by consulting with veteran cider makers in England, and by 2005/2006, they were beginning to win competitions. Blue Mountain Ciders lean toward clarity and crispness, and they highlight this character by using clear glass bottles for some of their ciders, instead of the more traditional brown or green. Looking for something more refreshing than wine and less filling than beer? Blue Mountain Cider may be your ticket.

Cherry Hard Apple Cider

This cider is crafted using our signature “five-apple” blend of apples grown in the Walla Walla Valley. This lightly carbonated cider has a refreshing balanced apple flavor with a splash of tart cherry freshness. It’s like a slice of cherry pie in a glass. Alcohol: 6.25%

Hard Apple Cider
Dry Creek

This semi-dry cider is fresh pressed with our signature “five-apple” blend all grown in the Pacific Northwest. Clean and crisp, this cider has a sparkling dry finish, with just the right balance of sweetness and acidity. It’s sure to delight your taste buds every sip you take. Alcohol: 6.5% by vol.

Eden Ridge
Eden Ridge

This crisp cider is crafted using our signature “five-apple” blend of apples grown in the Walla Walla Valley. Lightly carbonated with a hint of tartness, it is balanced out with fresh apple aromas and sweetness. This cider is an easy to drink beverage that provides a great introduction to the world of hard apple ciders. Alcohol: 6.0% by Vol.

Estate Winesap
Estate Winesap

¬†Fresh pressed from sustainably grown Oregon Winesap apples, this cider has a dry refreshing finish, with just a hint of tart apple. Blue Mountain Cider Company is committed to environmentally safe growing and production practices, which is why all of our apples are certified Salmon Safe. It’s easy to drink, and easy on the en- vironment. Cheers! Blend: l00% Winesap Apples. Alcohol: 6.75% by vol.
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