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These Prices’ll Pop Your Piñata

If you grew up in certain parts of the states, you may remember celebrating Mexico’s independence on May fifth as a kid by smashing a piƱata full of candy with a stick. That would be all fine and dandy, except Cinco de Mayo isn’t actually Mexico’s independence day (a persistent misconception), and interestingly, isn’t as big a holiday in Mexico as it is in other parts of the world. You can get all the facts straight on Wikipedia, but no worries – however Cinco de Mayo ends up being celebrated, it can be a fun holiday paying tribute to the wonderful and diverse culture and history of Mexico. A history that is rich with self-determination and struggle, and more recently, rich with fine spirits (like the custom tequila we had bottled a while back) and beer. Which is why this Cinco de Mayo we’re featuring specials on Grupo Modelo’s popular line of beers, as well as two other items. The first person to guess why we’re featuring the last two items wins a cookie… (more…)

Posted By:Admin April 25, 2013

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