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Gluttony May Be a Sin, but Gluten-Free is Not

Gluten Free BeerIt’s great to see so many producers striving to create some quality gluten-free beers. More and more people are discovering all the time that even if they haven’t been diagnosed with Celiac Disease – probably the most common reason to go on a gluten free diet – they just seem to FEEL better when they lower their gluten intake. And some producers are actually pulling it off; of the beers listed below, David & Joe (the manager and owner) actually RAVED about what a great beer the Brunehaut Blonde is, gluten-free or not. But you know what I’d love to see? A comprehensive blind taste test of gluten-free beer against conventional beer. Why? Because I think they’d get a much better rap than they do when the reviewer KNOWS that they’re tasting a gluten-free beer. We often link to reviews on Beer Advocate, because there is a huge community of exceptionally knowledgeable beer connoisseurs there. But we took a quick glance at what they had to say about most gluten-free beers, and decided they were being way too harsh. We first talked about people’s ability to taste nearly a decade ago, and periodically someone will do a well-publicized blind taste test of wines, and get shocking results like the $80 Pinot Noir beating the $5,000 Pinot Noir. Or discovering that the same wine tastes better when it’s priced at $90 than when it’s priced at $10. It’s likely that the reason that we don’t see many high-profile blind taste tests is because of the lesson learned by a bunch of snobs in France in 1976 at the Judgment of Paris, when a slew of lowly California wines took all the awards. The fact is, psychology plays a HUGE factor in taste, whether it’s wine, beer, spirits, or even food. So whether you’re trying to eliminate gluten from your diet or not, maybe it’s time to give one of these beers a shot. Lakefront was the first in the US to get a gluten-free label, but Bard’s is produced by two beer lovers striving to create a beer they themselves like, after finding out they had celiac disease. And New Planet is not only making some interesting beers, but each of their labels is named after a concept that helps “do good things” for the planet. So whether you want to do something good for yourself, or do something good for the planet, give gluten-free a shot. You might be surprised at how tasty some of these beers actually are, especially if you’re a cider fan. And if you ARE a cider fan, we have over 30 of those on hand to sample as well! Check out the gluten free choices below. (more…)

Posted By:Admin May 4, 2012

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