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Ben Hogan Wine – A Master Stroke?

5 packGolf and wine have at least a couple of things in common. One is that they both involve a pursuit of perfection that mostly ends up falling short, but results in a very enjoyable experience. Enjoyable, that is, if you like golf or wine! Another is that a big part of what makes both enjoyable is based on companionship and storytelling. Can you imagine truly enjoying a wine if you couldn’t share it with a friend, and talk about where it came from, how it was made, or the unique story of the vineyard owner or winemaker? And likewise with golf – if it was all about perfecting your game, there would hardly be any reason to have a bar back at the club, now *would there. And these are the sorts of things that make these special Ben Hogan wines we’re featuring worth a look, and probably a great gift idea for Father’s Day, or for the golfer in your life, regardless of gender. The wines themselves are not exceptional wines, but they’re actually pretty good. And pretty good is usually more than enough when it comes to wine or golf. As a woman we know who is both a wine rep AND a golfer said, “who cares about 90+ ratings when the juice is good, and you have good company!” And you’re in pretty good company in this case; if you know anything about golf, you know who Ben Hogan is. And if you don’t, there’s Wikipedia. And the story of how this wine happened is a fun story in itself. Especially the little details like how when the California vineyard’s owner Matthew Talbert – who is Australian – printed his newly hired (and award winning) winemaker Chris Cameron’s business cards with his name upside down. Get it? Talbert is from “down under”. The wines are in fact made in partnership with Ben Hogan products, so if you’re thinking about gifting, you might want to check out Ben Hogan apparel and golf gear to accompany the wine. Oh yeah. Back to the wine itself! We have a limited number of the collector’s sets, finished with each bottling matching numerically (only 500 were produced), individually wrapped, and containing a Certificate of Authenticity. We also have a few of the three and two bottle packages, and a lot of individual “Tribute” series wines listed below. These wines are a good value anyway, but the numbered collections are a steal. We got a good deal, and are passing it on to you. Remember:

As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.
~ Ben Hogan


Posted By:Admin January 22, 2012

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