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The Mythical Perfect Wine For Thanksgiving (and the holidays in general)

Just look for the colorful little wreaths

[UPDATED: We will continue to feature these wines through December] Some of you may have been clever this year, and planned an exacting menu for Thanksgiving dinner, with carefully selected courses, and no mystery dishes brought by guests. This information is not for you. We’re sure you’ll have no trouble finding what you need amongst our nearly 3,000 wines on hand. But the rest of us are left with the age old challenge of deciding which wine is perfect to accompany smoked ham, deep-fried turkey, canned onions on green bean casserole, those horrifying fluffy fruit-and-cool-whip based conconctions your aunt Millie brings (deviously named something like “ambrosia”), and sweet potatoes with marshmallows. Gone are any hopes of an intimate and loving relationship between the food and the wine. No, a better analogy would be a public orgy, or maybe a even riot. Yes, on Thanksgiving, you almost have to think of your wine choice more as riot gear. You need a wine that’s simpler, bolder, lighter, sweeter, more acidic, and a whole range of other words that don’t belong together. In other words, a good basic strategy is to have at least three wines on the table. The good news is that this doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Some of the better choices to do battle with the Thanksgiving spread are coincidentally often less expensive varietals. For reds, a Beaujolais or other Gamay, a hearty Spanish or Italian, or a Pinot Noir will fare well. And grandma will love the pretty label on the easy-to-quaff Beaujolais Nouveau that you might ordinarily turn your nose up at. For whites, a Riesling, a Torrontes, or white blend will be fine, and don’t forget the utility of a nice Rose or mid-priced sparkler for cutting through the dense palate of a holiday dinner. So even with this knowledge and freedom, picking three wines out of the thousands in our store could still be a bit of a challenge. So we’ve picked some FOR you. In the center of the store is a section devoted entirely to about 30 holiday wine choices, with a selection focused mostly on Banfi, Trivento, Georges Duboeuf, and a few other familiar names. We also picked out about thirty more throughout the store, and marked them with the curious Turkey you see on the left. Below is a sampling of what’s amongst the section in the middle of the store. So have fun with it! Pick a nice bottle to make yourself happy, and then freestyle a bit! (more…)

Posted By:Admin November 19, 2011

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