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It is said that in ancient Rome, the emperor Caligula would send men to collect beer from the foreign lands he was about to invade, in the belief that if he consumed the libations of his enemies before battle, it would give him magical powers that would lead to Rome’s victory. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this story is that, well, we just made it up. But it sure would be a great excuse for drinking the beer made in the hometown of the Michigan Wolverine’s adversaries this year, which is what we’re basing all of our fall specials on. But the fact is, we have even BETTER reasons to drink the beer of your enemy. First of all, it’s damn good beer, in this case. And secondly, how about good old-fashioned sportsmanship and respect for a worthy adversary? Besides, if you’re going to plan to kick someone’s butt on the gridiron, you could at least buy them a beer afterwards, and be a good host while they hang their head in defeat in a strange land. So for this year’s fall specials, we’ve done our best to pick a fine beer from the land of our enemy, and priced them all to make the agony of defeat a little more bearable. Below is a summary of this year’s schedule for Michigan Football, with a preview of the beers being highlighted. Full details on the featured beers here. (more…)

Posted By:Admin August 31, 2011

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