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We have plenty of links to useful resources for enjoying the Ann Arbor Art Fairs below, but here’s your first idea for visiting the fairs this year: start and end your day at Main Party! Why? Because we’re in a perfect spot, are open 7am to 2am, and have everything you need to start your day, and everything you need to wrap it up pleasantly. First of all, we’re just blocks from a handy freeway arrival and escape route on US-23. Second, we’re less than 50 feet from a parking structure. After you’ve parked, we have just about anything you need to get your day rolling: coffee, bottled water, juices, a small deli, energy bars and energy drinks, basic sundries, even handy items like aspirin and allergy medicine. When you’re ready to head out, we’re just a couple blocks from the action. And when you’ve had your fun, we’ll be here at the end of the day with the largest selection of fine wine, craft beers, and fine spirits in Ann Arbor, so you can pick up something nice to unwind with when you get home. But enough about us, below are pretty much all the links and resources you’ll need to enjoy the fairs, all in one handy place. First of all, you need to know that the Ann Arbor Art Fair is actually FOUR fairs. We’ll start off with links to each fair’s sites, which all have plenty of other links to useful information. So if you’re leaving us now, we hope you appreciate our little Art Fair Guide, and we’ll look forward to seeing you during the fair! (more…)

Posted By:Admin July 16, 2011

Smart Beer Drinkers Say “I Think Therefore I Can”

For a long time, a sure sign that someone didn’t know what a good beer is would be the fact that they were drinking it from a can. In fact, for many of us, watching someone drink beer from a can gave us the uneasy feeling that at any moment, they were going to smash it on their forehead and then turn around and do a “keg stand”. That has certainly changed; some of the finest beers around are now available in a can, and that’s convenient, now that summer is here. Whether on the patio, by the pool, or golfing, beer in a can is a fantastic convenience. It’s easier and safer to stash in a backpack or duffle, it won’t tip over as easily poolside, and if it does it won’t shatter, and when you’re done with your fun, the can will easily crunch down for easier toting as a returnable or recyclable. We’ve selected some nice beers to help you explore your independence this holiday weekend. Check them out below:


Posted By:Admin July 1, 2011

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