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Who Ordered the 2010 La Tarasque Rhone?

La TarasqueIf you were a fly on the wall in our “secret cellar” last week (and you weren’t, because we don’t allow flies in there), you might have overheard a conversation that went something like this: JOE (sounding a little intimidating): Alright, who the heck ordered this La Tarasque Rhone? DAVID (a little cautiously): Um, I don’t know. JOE: Too bad, I wanted to give them a raise. This stuff is GREAT! When you have around three thousand wines on hand, things can become a bit of a blur. But *whoever it was that ordered the la Tarasque (we still haven’t figured out who it was) deserves a promotion. For one thing, it has a really cool dragon on the label. But more importantly, this little wine is not only a well-executed, old-vine Grenache-dominated Rhone created by Aaron Pott (the only American to lead a Grand Cru Chateau in France), it’s an absolute STEAL at $8.99. And it’ll probably stay at that price, unless we figure out who ordered it, and have to figure out a way to cover their raise.

La Tarasque Bottle From the Producer: Strawberries, cherry, red currants, plum, fig, violets, caramel, coffee, tar, cocoa and wet stone in an incredibly vibrant nose. Cherry, wild strawberry, caramel and peach in a bold attack with medium density. Soft and super supple finish with density, stone fruits linger with persistence. This wine is tasting great! It is refreshing, supple and juicy. ~ Aaron Pott
Posted By:Admin April 8, 2014

New in the Store this Week: Blue Mountain Cider

Blue Mountain CiderBlue Mountain Cider Company is a family owned and operated cidery in Walla Walla that is dedicated to sustainable growing practices. As of this writing, you won’t find many reviews of their ciders on line, probably because they only recently expanded their distribution outside the Northwest US. Blue mountain took their time refining their craft, starting out as four friends making cider literally in a garage, using a small mountain source of fresh apples. As they got better at what they were doing, they sought more expertise by consulting with veteran cider makers in England, and by 2005/2006, they were beginning to win competitions. Blue Mountain Ciders lean toward clarity and crispness, and they highlight this character by using clear glass bottles for some of their ciders, instead of the more traditional brown or green. Looking for something more refreshing than wine and less filling than beer? Blue Mountain Cider may be your ticket. (more…)

Posted By:Admin April 2, 2014

YES! We Have the 2014 Founder’s KBS!

Founder's KBS 2014For months, it lives in the caves beneath Grand Rapids, Michigan, maturing into a monster that spreads both joy and misery each year when it finally makes its appearance in full daylight and rampages across the nation. It is, of course, the incredible Founder’s KBS. The joy it spreads is amongst those who manage to get their hands on a bottle of this limited release brew, which – as Founder’s themselves points out – is by its very nature produced in limited quantities, because of its bourbon barrel aging process. The only misery it spreads is amongst those who don’t manage to score a bottle on release day. While it’s a fantastic beer, one that has repeatedly made it on “Best in the World” lists, its limited release has some unfortunate side effects. It’s rumored that friendships have been torn asunder when one friend secured a bottle, and wouldn’t share with a pal who didn’t. And that exploitative retailers price gouge, charging upwards of twenty bucks a bottle. For us as a retailer, the main frustration is that we are forced to tell our favorite customers – no matter how much we like them – that they are limited to purchasing one bottle.

Well this year, we’ve changed all that.

While supplies last, we are placing NO LIMIT on the quantity you buy, and we’re offering some uniquely foolish pricing. The first bottle you buy is a very reasonable $7.99. For every additional bottle you buy, the price doubles.*

Below, calculate how much your multiple bottle purchase will cost by entering the quantity in cell A2 and hitting “enter” on your keyboard:

Interesting of Founders to choose today, April 1st 2014, as their release day.

For the uninformed, here’s some basic info about this amazing brew.

KBS Bottle
What we’ve got here is an imperial stout brewed with a massive amount of coffee and chocolates, then cave-aged in oak bourbon barrels for an entire year to make sure wonderful bourbon undertones come through in the finish. Makes your taste buds squeal with delight. ABV: 11.2% IBUs: 70. A 100 Score from Beer Advocate, and “Best Beer in the World Awards” from RateBeer and Men’s Fitness.

*Before planning a purchase, please consider the fact that this rather foolish pricing is being offered only on April 1, 2014 ;-)

Posted By:Admin April 1, 2014

This Just In… Some March Arrivals

We apologize. While we’ve been quietly developing a new website behind the scenes that features a more mobile-friendly responsive design (similar to our sister store All Seasons), we’ve been neglecting site updates for a spell. It’s challenging when you have a small crew like ours and jam over 4,000 libations into about 2500 square feet (something we’ve kidded about before) to stay on top of things. We promise we’ll be more on the ball moving forward. But enough rambling for now. Yes, of course the Oberon is in, but there are plenty of other great things to check out. Here are some recent arrivals… (more…)

Posted By:Admin March 24, 2014

Okay, We Can’t All Afford a $2,000 Scotch For Christmas…

Balvenie Vintage Cask 1966
The Balvenie Vintage Cask
1966… Only $1549.00

…but we have them if you need them, and lots of other, more affordable gift ideas this holiday season.

“Oh. My. God. I had NO idea.” This is a phrase often uttered when a visitor to the store first explores our “Secret Cellar” or bothers to look up at the hundreds of collectible, limited release, and small batch spirits that line the wall near the ceiling of the store. Being the holiday season and all, we thought this might be a good time to once again say it out here on the intarwebz (we mentioned this last year during the “fiscal cliff” drama). Main Party is a classic example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Hiding behind our admittedly slightly funky facade is a world of wines and fine spirits you probably wouldn’t imagine would be here. The beer folk know about our amazing selection of craft and import beers, but for some reason the fine wine crowd has been slower to get hip to our offerings. We’ll be celebrating our 25th anniversary in business next year, and Joe (the owner) has been carefully building what is probably the most extensive selection of fine wines and spirits in Ann Arbor. We’ve picked some unique items below to highlight what we have to offer, and rest assured that with around 3,000 wines on hand, we have pretty much anything you’re seeking that fills that gap between something like the 400 dollar 375ml Château d’Yquem below, and the $8.99 Argentinian red table wine. Stop in sometime, look up, and look in back too. You’ll probably be amazed at the selection. Then tell a friend. We’re tired of the premium cellar being Ann Arbor’s best-kept wine secret! (more…)

Posted By:Admin December 14, 2013
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